What's Brewing?

Shepherd Neame is delighted to present Cask Club: a new range of contemporary cask ales designed to satisfy the beer-curious drinker.

Launched in March 2019, we introduce a new cask ale each month in participating pubs, celebrating modern styles and flavours, with exciting international collaborations and classic seasonal favourites.


Deep Amber Ale (4.5%) Crimson copper autumn ale with hints of toffee, tropical fruit and a peppery finish courtesy of Kentish Cascade hops. Late Red is also available in bottles for you to enjoy at home; buy it here!

Late Red

Coming soon

Look out for new seasonal cask on the first Monday of every month

Past Cask Club Beers

AUGUST: Rebel Flame

Golden IPA (4.5%)

Rebel Flame is a deep golden ale with an alluring combination of floral, mango and citrus aromas. This beer delivers pleasant well-rounded malty notes, finishing with a touch of spice.  

Rebel Flame

FEBRUARY: Crossfire

Kicking 2020 off in style!


Crossfire English IPA (4.2%)


A light amber IPA bursting with a fruity, apricot aromas from Ernest hops. These hops were first developed in Kent in the 1950s and have a distinctive aroma typically associated with American hops


Hops: Ernest





SEPTEMBER: The Oast Dodger

Green Hop Ale (4.5%)

Packed with freshly picked Kentish hops that have gone from garden to brewhouse in less than half a day, this fragrant golden ale boasts a truly unique flavour

MARCH: Hop County

Kicking things off will be Hop County Hopping Mad Pale Ale. This glorious golden ale combines ale and crystal malt with a trio of English hops, Boadicea, Endeavour and UK Cascade.

With light caramel notes and citrus, pine and hedgerow fruit aromas it is the ideal ale for spring drinking. It has an ABV of 4.8%.

The beer is named to reflect Shepherd Neame’s location in the heart of Kent, England’s original hop county and celebrate the advent of Spring.

MARCH: Why Can't We Be Fronds?


Why Can't We Be Fronds? (4.6%)


With gentle floral aromas from Goldings hops, enhanced with juniper and elderflower


Hops: Goldings


APRIL: Samuel Adams Blonde Ambition

April will see the arrival of Samuel Adams’s Blonde Ambition, brewed to a recipe devised with our friends at the Boston Beer Company and combining US and Kentish hops. It has an ABV of 4.2%.

Brewed to a recipe devised in conjunction with the Boston Beer Company. This summer pale ale blends the grapefruit notes of US hops with the grassy earthiness of Kent hops.


MAY: New Dawn Citrus Ale

A light sessionable ale with a low bitterness, New Dawn Citrus Ale (3.5% ABV) is refreshing and light session ale made with real citrus fruit and Citra hops.


JUNE: Bella Birra

Italian red rye beer (4.4%)
A quartet of hops, this collaboration between Shepherd Neame and Italy’s Mezzopasso brewery has hints of red berry, citrus and sweet malt. Hops: Target, Amarillo, Bramling Cross, Lemon Drop


JULY: Hard Labor

American Double IPA (4.6%)
Hopped four times, this robust IPA offers citrus and tropical flavour notes for a truly satisfying finish. Hops: Target, Chinook & Azacca


AUGUST: Summer Storm

American Style IPA (4.5%)

Full bodied and smooth, this modern IPA is bursting with tropical and citrus fruit notes courtesy of a harmonious blend of English and US hops.


Deep Amber Ale (4.5%)

Crimson copper autumn ale with hints of toffee, tropical fruit and a peppery finish courtesy of Kentish cascade hops

OCTOBER: Northern Lights

Blueberry IPA (4.7%)

Bursting with blueberries, this robust IPA is a collaboration with Swedish brewer St Eriks and offers citrus flavours & aromas, courtesy of citra hops.

NOVEMBER: Howling Wolf

WInter Ale (4.5%)

In collaboration with Finnish brewer Mallaskoski, this full-bodied ale offers hints of vanilla and citrus with a bold, smoky finish.

Hops: Mittelfruh and Summit

DECEMBER: Rudolph's Reward

Festive Light Ale (4.5%)

This light ale features pale and crystal malts, with mulling spices added at the end of the brew creating a festive classic.

Hops: Target and East Kent Goldings